Hosting your own Odoo instance on Ubuntu 16.04

  My friend and I decided to begin our own business, and we quickly decided that we wanted the help of Odoo. To make a long story short, I installed Odoo on Ubuntu 18.04 with the help of a lovely script. Everything worked great until I found out that me choosing to use Ubuntu 18.04 […]

Guide: Installing Sucuri

Securing your WordPress site is such an important step when you're getting started. After countless hours getting your website all set up, and tons of effort on getting an audience to visit it, the last thing you want to happen is to have your site go down because it wasn't secure.   One of my […]

Guide: Creating a User

Let’s say you just started using your new WordPress site, and you have a friend that is going to help you. Instead of simply giving them your login information, which isn’t a secure way to do this at all, you need to create a new user. Creating a new user on your WordPress site is […]

Guide: Using WordPress's Photo Gallery

Let’s say that you have a page, and you’d like to display some pictures. Not just a couple pictures, but several, and you want them to look nice. One easy way to keep them all aligned, the same size, and in an organized manner is by using the photo gallery option built into WordPress.   […]

Guide: How to configure your avatar

Setting up your avatar is actually made easy with WordPress. WordPress utilizes a system called Gravatar, which stands for globally recognized avatar.   The first step to getting your avatar set up, is by hovering over your account name on the very top right hand side of the screen, and clicking on "edit profile."   […]

Guide: How to install Plex on a ZyXEL NAS520

My friend recently purchased a ZyXEL and was wondering if you could install PLEX Media Server on it. After some quick google searches, I realized that it was indeed possible. This, however, ended up being a little bit of a challenge. In the end, it ended up being just a dumb mistake that held me […]

How to install a plug-in on WordPress

In my opinion, Plugins are what make WordPress so great. Developers create plugins for it all the time. Think of them like an app for your smart phone. Someone has a function they need their WordPress to do, so someone makes a plugin for it. You can then install the plugin, similar to how you […]

Building your First WordPress

Try out our interactive e-learning! Click the button to follow our e-learning instead! Click Here As the official WordPress website points out...   "WordPress is web software you can use to create a beautiful website, blog, or app. We like to say that WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time."   With that being […]

Guide: Enabling Squid Antivirus Check

Pre-requirements: You’ve installed PFSense v2.3.2 You’ve setup PFSense You’ve installed/setup your squid proxy on PFSense Lets get started! Now that you have PFSense installed, setup, and SQUID running on it, something else that you might want to consider doing is enabling the SQUID Antivirus function to scan all traffic passing through the proxy. Assuming that you […]

Guide: Setting up SQUID Proxy on PFSense

Pre-Requirements: PFSense v2.3.2 Installed PFSense Setup and is currently the network’s DHCP Server Let’s get started! Installing a SQUID Proxy Server for your network has a lot of benefits. I personally decided to install it for faster load times of websites that my network visits often, as well as to decrease the load of my […]

Guide: Setting up PFSense

Pre-requirements: You’ve installed PFSense v2.3.2 Let’s get started! Once you’ve installed PFSense on your VM, you obviously have to set it up. The nice thing about the PFSense image, is that it should automatically figure out your NICs, and determine your WAN & LAN ports. Keep in mind, you have to enable 2 NICs on […]

Guide: Installing PfSense on a VM

Setting up your perfect network can be challenging, however, PFSense has proven to be a great solution for me. When I originally installed PFSense, I was completely lost, and all of the guides out there weren’t updated with screen shots from the most recent webgui which made everything even more challenging. This quick guide will […]