How to install a plug-in on WordPress

In my opinion, Plugins are what make WordPress so great. Developers create plugins for it all the time. Think of them like an app for your smart phone. Someone has a function they need their WordPress to do, so someone makes a plugin for it. You can then install the plugin, similar to how you install an app on your phone!

We’re going to go ahead and install our first plugin together. Log into your WordPress dashboard and click on “Plugins” on the left hand side.


This will bring you to the page where all of your installed plugins are located.


For the sake of this guide, we’re going to assume that we need a new photo gallery plugin, because we want to display a slide show. Go to the top of your page, and click on “Add New” like the screen shot below


Now that we’ve told WordPress that we want to add a new plugin, we’re able to search for what we want to add. We’re going to go to the search box, and type in “gallery”


From here, you can click on each one and see screenshots of the plugin, how it will work, and all the other details about each one. Let’s assume that we have done that, and we decided we want to install the second one. Go ahead and click on “Install Now” next to the “Gallery Bank – Photo Galleries & Albums” option.


As you can see, it’ll instantly reflect that it has started installing.


Once the installation has finalized, you’ll now have the option to “Activate” it. You have to activate it in order to use it, so go ahead and click that button.


Now that your plugin has been installed and activated, you will notice that our particular gallery plugin has appeared on the side of our dashboard. We can now go to it to create the perfect gallery.


Now you’re able to create amazing photo galleries with this plugin! These same instructions can be used on every other plugin you decide that you want to install. Go find the ones that’ll have you create your perfect site!

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