Guide: Enabling Squid Antivirus Check

Pre-requirements: You’ve installed PFSense v2.3.2 You’ve setup PFSense You’ve installed/setup your squid proxy on PFSense Lets get started! Now that you have PFSense installed, setup, and SQUID running on it, something else that you might want to consider doing is enabling the SQUID Antivirus function to scan all traffic passing through the proxy. Assuming that you […]

Guide: Setting up SQUID Proxy on PFSense

Pre-Requirements: PFSense v2.3.2 Installed PFSense Setup and is currently the network’s DHCP Server Let’s get started! Installing a SQUID Proxy Server for your network has a lot of benefits. I personally decided to install it for faster load times of websites that my network visits often, as well as to decrease the load of my […]

Guide: Setting up PFSense

Pre-requirements: You’ve installed PFSense v2.3.2 Let’s get started! Once you’ve installed PFSense on your VM, you obviously have to set it up. The nice thing about the PFSense image, is that it should automatically figure out your NICs, and determine your WAN & LAN ports. Keep in mind, you have to enable 2 NICs on […]

Guide: Installing PfSense on a VM

Setting up your perfect network can be challenging, however, PFSense has proven to be a great solution for me. When I originally installed PFSense, I was completely lost, and all of the guides out there weren’t updated with screen shots from the most recent webgui which made everything even more challenging. This quick guide will […]