Guide: Using WordPress's Photo Gallery

Let’s say that you have a page, and you’d like to display some pictures. Not just a couple pictures, but several, and you want them to look nice. One easy way to keep them all aligned, the same size, and in an organized manner is by using the photo gallery option built into WordPress.


To get started, open the post you’d like to add the gallery too.


Select where in your text you’d like the gallery to be displayed, and click on the “Add Media” button, like the one shown below..


Once this has opened a new popup, click on the “Create Gallery” option on the top left, like shown below..


Now select the pictures you’d like to be displayed..


Once you’ve selected your pictures, click on the “Create a new gallery” button on the bottom right. This will bring you to a screen where you have the ability to change some of the attributes of the gallery..


The amount of columns to use is completely up to you, but I prefer 3 as it gives them all a pretty decent size (the fewer amount of columns, the bigger the thumbnails). I personally, also like to change the “Link to” category from Attachment page, to Media File. This way, when the user clicks on a picture, it loads the full size of the file. When you’re finished changing the attributes, click on “insert gallery” on the bottom right-hand side of your screen, and you’ll quickly see it inserted into your text!


Don’t forget to update/publish your page, and you’re all set to go!


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