Getting my Google Home

Just like with my Google Pixel, I pre-ordered my Google Home pretty much the second that I heard about during their live press conference. It didn’t start shipping until Nov 4th, but it arrived at my door stop today!


I was waiting for an Amazon Echo competitor, and I quickly realized how awesome the Google Assistant is by using it on my Pixel. Needless to say, I was anxiously waiting for this device to enter my life!!


Upon opening the cardboard box that contained my Home, my initial thoughts were that it was very neatly packed!

img_20161107_171939 img_20161107_175211 img_20161107_172001


The setup was even easy! All I had to do was plug it in, and install the “Google Home” app on my smart phone! From there, the app automatically connected and helped me set up my new device.


Initial Thoughts:

  • It has very great¬†sound!
  • It has amazing hearing!
    • I was playing music at 75% and I still only talked quietly and it recognized that I was talking to it.
  • It has better base than I was expecting
  • It understands you extremely fast and comes back with a response
  • Great for adding things to your shopping list
  • Amazed at how it remembers conversations.
    • I asked it about tomorrow’s weather forecast by stating “Ok google, whats the weather like tomorrow?”
    • And then after it’s response, I asked “Ok google, how about the day after that” and it remembered we were talking about the weather!

Bear in mind that I’ve only been using the device for a couple of hours at this point, but so far I have no regrets! I would definitely recommend this device as a perfect/better alternative to the Amazon Echo. Even my technology illiterate parents have tried it out and LOVE it!

Once again Google, you’ve done it!


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